Emmett Township

Charter Township of Emmett logo. There is a blue state of Michigan with a star where Emmett Township is located. A flowing river with a green tree and green grass surrounding the river.
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Building, Planning & Zoning


The Building, Planning & Zoning Department includes the following staff:

  • Planning and Zoning Administrator
  • Building Official/Inspector
  • Electrical Inspector (contracted)
  • Mechanical Inspector (contracted)
  • Plumbing Inspector (contracted)

Building Department Overview

The Building Department is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of Township and State codes relating to the construction, remodeling, alteration, repair, and demolition of buildings and structures located within the Charter Township of Emmett.

The purpose of such codes is to provide minimum standards to safeguard public safety, property, and welfare by regulating and controlling the numerous factors involved with development. To ensure that construction work complies with applicable codes, the Township requires comprehensive plans for most types of projects, and inspections are conducted at periodic stages of the work.

All permit applications are located in the Forms center. Completed applications may be dropped off or mailed to the Township Hall, and PDF documents may be emailed to the Planning and Zoning Administrator.

Planning and Zoning Department Overview

The Planning and Zoning Department is primarily responsible for administering the laws, regulations, and requirements that pertain to the physical development of the Township. It manages and coordinates all new commercial and industrial review and development, new subdivision development, as well as additions and/or changes to existing development, with the goal being sustainable quality community growth in accordance with the Township’s Master Plan, Zoning Ordinance and policies set by State and Local Law. Working with the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals, this department publishes and enforces ordinances designed to maintain the character of the Charter Township of Emmett.

Comprehensive Master Plan

The Charter Township of Emmett Master Plan is currently being reviewed for possible revision. Input from over 500 local residents and businesses has been obtained during early 2022.  Due to staff turnover, the project has since experienced some delays. But, it is the intention to continue this effort soon with the analysis of the survey results.

The current Master Plan and map (revised in 2017) can be found here:  Current Master Map, Master Land Use Plan 09-1994


 The Zoning District Map illustrates current zoning districts and classifications for each parcel across the township.

The current zoning map can be found here: Zoning Map

Contact Information

Planning & Zoning Administrator
Pamela Laubengayer

(269) 788-1747

To reach the inspectors, please contact the Planning & Zoning Administrator

Building Official & Building Inspector
Justun Munn

Electrical Inspector
Dave Cunningham

Mechanical Inspector
Dennis Slevats

Plumbing Inspector
William Carpenter

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