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Public Safety

Public Safety Overview

Our Mission

The Emmett Township Dept. of Public Safety shall provide coordination and delivery of Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Care, and support services in order to preserve, protect, and defend people and property while respecting the rights and dignity of all persons.

The Emmett Township Dept. of Public Safety supports and practices the concepts of community policing and fire prevention. Effective community policing and fire prevention has a positive impact on reducing neighborhood crime, injury, and fire-related loss while enhancing the quality of life.

What is Public Safety & Cross Training

All full time sworn personnel at the Emmett Township Department of Public Safety is cross-trained as law enforcement officers, firefighters, medical first responders, EMT’s and some as Paramedics.

Currently, there are around one hundred totally integrated public safety departments in the United States. Without question, consolidation of police and fire services allows for the most efficient and effective delivery of public safety services to our community.
Emmett officers are trained specialist in areas such as vehicle extrication, hazmat, confined space, high rise and search and rescue, crime scene technicians, canine (K9), school resources, narcotics and major crimes, and computer forensics just to name a few. With this additional education and training, Emmett Officers can utilize there broad range of, experience and skills to provide help and better serve the community.

It takes a special individual to perform at the level required to be a public safety officer. The caliber of employees working in the Emmett Township Department of Public Safety is among the highest you will find in the county. Their discipline, dedication, and desire generate pride for this association of such outstanding people.

Emmett Township Converted to Public Safety

In 1984, The Emmett Township Fire Department and the Police Department, consolidated into The Emmett Township Department of Public Safety, providing fire, police, and emergency medical services.

Department of Public Safety Today

The Fire & EMS Division responds to an average of 2,500 calls per year for Fire, Rescue and EMS services and over 15,000 calls for Law Enforcement services. Because of the many hats, our Public Safety Officers wear, we continue to train and stay up to date on the latest information and standards in Fire Suppression, Rescue, Hazardous Materials, Emergency Medical Techniques, and Law Enforcement. 

The department is staffed 24hrs a day by full and part-time officers, the backbone of the fire division is operated by dedicated paid on-call Public Safety Officers, all officers are trained as emergency medical first responders. 

Public Safety Officers also provide community service and safety programs, fire prevention education and demonstrations, inspections of local businesses for fire code compliance, participate in events at local businesses and talk to children in the classrooms at Harper Creek Schools and Church groups about the importance of fire safety and fire prevention. These dedicated officers work hard and continue to dedicate themselves to providing a quality and professional service to our community.

Law Enforcement

The Emmett Township Department of Public Safety Patrol Division responds to an average of 10,000 calls for service a year and is made up of several separate units that function as one agency. The department provides law enforcement, fire, and medical response that, combined with other areas, make up a department that well exceeds the norm for local policing.

Each Emmett Township Public Safety Officer Level III are trained in both Law Enforcement and Fire/Medical response. By having these officers trained in the above areas, they are able to provide the citizens of Emmett Township, and those who pass through the area, the absolute best in all response needs. Several Emmett officers are trained in specialized fields. 

  • Digital Evidence
  • Child and Internet Exploitation and Computer Crimes
  • Evidence Scene Technicians
  • Sexual Assault Investigations
  • Police Canine Training
  • Accident Re-Construction and Investigation
  • Hazardous Materials Specialists
  • Meth Laboratory Identification and Dismantling
  • Crime Prevention

Emmett Township Officers also believe that the community we are sworn to protect plays a huge role in crime prevention. The community can see changes in their areas that officers may not notice. We ask the community to work with the Public Safety Department by reporting suspicious vehicles and persons, as well as suspicious activities to our office. We will investigate and handle this information with absolute certainty. By providing information to our office, you may have prevented a crime from occurring.

Fire and EMS Services

The Fire and EMS Division is an ISO rated fire department that operates a manned station 24×7 365.  Emmett Public Safety thanks to support from our community has one of newest and most modern fleets in the county.

All firefighters are certified in Firefighting, Emergency Medical Response (Paramedics, EMT’s and First Responders), Hazardous Materials, Vehicle Extrication and Rescue.  While Emmett DPS has full time personnel, the backbone of the fire division is the departments paid on call firefighters.  These dedicated individuals are members of the community that have taken the time to be trained and certified to respond to calls for service 24hrs a day. Firefighters are constantly training and attending continuing education courses to keep up with the modern techniques presented to the fire and EMS services.

Contact Information

Department of Public Safety

Tony Geigle

Email: tgeigle@emmett.org

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