Emmett Township

Charter Township of Emmett logo. There is a blue state of Michigan with a star where Emmett Township is located. A flowing river with a green tree and green grass surrounding the river.
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Financial Transparency

Financial Transparency Overview

Throughout this page, you can locate financial information of the Charter Township of Emmett including audited financial statements, budgets, and other material the Township is required to post publicly.  In township government, financial responsibilities are divided between departments to create a system of checks and balances.  We intended this page as a more convenient, central location for organization-wide financial information.  For more detail or questions, please contact Township offices at 269-968-0241.
Please note, the Township operates on a fiscal year from April 1 to March 31.

Audited Financial Statements

In this section, you will find the audited financial statements.  Local governments are required to prepare financial statements and arrange financial audits annually.  The audit shall occur within six months after a fiscal year’s end.


In this section, the Township has provided ten year’s of budget reports listing the original budget, amended/final budget, and activity for all revenue and expenditure accounts on the books.  For the current fiscal year, you will see a partial report as each step is completed.  The complete report is generated following the audit.  For older information, please contact the Clerk’s Department at 269-968-0241.

Pension and OPEB Report

In accordance with State of Michigan Public Act 202 of 2017 and 530 of 2016, the Township must report information regarding the health of it’s employee retirement obligations.  This is reported for each fiscal year and due by September 30.

City, Village, and Township Revenue Sharing Program

In order to receive State of Michigan funding through the City, Village, and Township Revenue Sharing Program (CVTRS), the Township must submit this form annually and post the required Debt Service Report and a Projected Budget Report.  The Township’s most recent documentation is included in this section.