Emmett Township

Charter Township of Emmett logo. There is a blue state of Michigan with a star where Emmett Township is located. A flowing river with a green tree and green grass surrounding the river.
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Road’s Overview

The Charter Township of Emmett maintains responsibility for local roads alongside the Calhoun County Road Department.  The Supervisor oversees maintenance and improvements to local roads.

The Township has mostly established the local road projects for this coming construction season with the Calhoun County Road Department (CCRD).

Roads to be chip sealed:

  • Shadowood Subdivision (costs split with CCRD)
  • Dreamfield Drive
  • Silver Road
  • Greenfield Park
  • White Court-Wallace Street
  • Lady Jessica Isle
  • Harper Creek Drive
  • Hollison Beach
  • Fern Beach
  • Anway Drive
  • Boyer Drive
  • Crosby Drive

Roads currently under consideration for chip seal (as of 5/16/2024):

  • Allison Lane
  • Roads planned for crack filling (entirely paid by CCRD):
  • Presidential Acres Subdivision


In other road news, the CCRD is chip sealing 6 ½ Mile Road. That is an entirely CCRD funded project. We have a included a map for a more visual perspective of the projects listed.

Street Map
Emmett Township Construction Projects 2024

Current Projects